PremAire Premium HVAC Systems

Product Overview

PremAire air turnover units are ideal for large manufacturing, warehouse and storage buildings, requiring even temperature control over a large area without the need for ductwork or separate re-circulation fans. They are also ideal for those areas that require a background heat for frost protection only.

All PremAire products are engineered specifically for the application with every single unit being manufactured and fully tested to ETL and CSA standards.

PremAire offers numerous configurations including:

  • Single or multiple discharge/ inlet openings
  • 20% outdoor inlet opening with motorized damper
  • Full mix box with 100% outside air capability. Available with two position summer/winter ventilation mode or integrated modulating economizer.
  • Indoor/outdoor construction
  • V-bank filter section with pleated filters and hinged access doors
  • Direct expansion or chilled water cooling coils available in blow through or draw through arrangements
  • Indirect gas fired 90% thermal efficiency


Air Turnover units are ideal for large open space heating, cooling, ventilation and filtration requirements. They are widely used in:

• Manufacturing, distribution and warehouse facilities
• Steel, Pharmaceutical, Food and merchandise storage facilities.

Air turnover units are also very effective at controlling humidity levels in a space.


PremAire units are premium air turnover units.

PremAire units boast quality components and construction, with unparalleled flexibility and performance and provide the following benefits:

Uniform space temperatures

  • Uniform space temperatures provide more comfort and reduced building stratification
  • Heat loss and fuel consumption are reduced to a minimum with even space temperatures

Reduced operating costs

  • The highly efficient propeller fan provides the lowest electrical consumption to distribute air throughout a building
  •  Outside air is not required for operation; the air turnover unit can re-circulate up to 100% space air

Lower installation costs

  • Base mounted air turnover units only require a few hours install
  • Fewer points of installation
  • Air turnover units only require a few hours to install
  • Minimized or eliminated roof penetrations

Rapid temperature recovery

  • Air turnover units constantly circulate large volumes of air providing rapid response to temperatures deviating from a set-point

Outstanding indoor air quality

  • Air is constantly rotated throughout the building. This prevents stagnation
  • Fresh air economization
  • Filtration options available