Nature’s Cooling Solution

Evaporative cooling works in the same way you feel cooler sitting beside a waterfall or a mountain stream. Water trickles down the back of the evaporative cooler, saturating the cooling media. When you place your cooler in a hot, well-ventilated space, the warm dry air will be draw into the unit. As it passes across the thick, wet media it is cooled. The powerful fan on the COOL-SPACE then blows cool, dry air into the space.

Increase Productivity & Decrease Spending

COOL-SPACE evaporative coolers are made in the USA using best-in-class components that we stand behind with our industry-best, 5 year warranty. Without using chemicals, a COOL-SPACE unit can significantly reduce the temperatures – keeping your team cool and productive.

COOL-SPACE has solutions to cool workshops, greenhouses, decks and patios; anywhere air conditioning is ineffective or cost prohibitive. Using just a garden hose and a standard electrical outlet, the COOL-SPACE GLACIER-18 lowers the temperature up to 33° for just pennies a day.

All commercial COOL-SPACE units come standard with edge coated 8 in. thick cooling media for durability and performance, GFI plug for safety, large built-in water reservoirs for up to 10 hours of stand-alone use and a premier 5 year warranty.

Used effectively in the following market sectors:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Automotive Workshops
  • Loading Docks
  • Outdoor Entertainment Venues
  • Athletic Fields
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Greenhouses & Garden Centers
  • Agriculture
  • Equine Centers and Stables
  • Patios
  • Military Facilities

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